Report results can be emailed to any email address. To do this you need to set up your email server and your login credentials.

  • SMTP Server: The IP address or DNS name of your SMTP server.
  • Use network credentials: Use the login information that you used to log on to Windows. If you need a different username and password for the SMTP server uncheck this box.
  • Username: Your email / SMTP server username if you are not using network credentials
  • Password: The password that goes with your username.
  • SSL / TLS encryption: check this if encryption is supported or mandatory. Sequenchel will try to determine which type of encryption is used.
  • SMTP Port number: usually port 25 if no encryption is used, port 465 for SSL (obsolete) and port 587 for TLS. Ask the administrator of your SMTP server for the correct port.
  • Reply to Address: The address that mail should be send to if people click on the reply button after receiving your email. This is usually your own email address.