Sequenchel starts with a splash screen that disappears when you click on it. The default license name is “Thicor Services Demo License”. If you purchase a license, a license number will be sent to you. Every license number is related to a license name.

You can enter your license information on the tab License in the Settings screen.

Enter your License name and number and click “Save”. If your license information is succesfully saved, click “Close”. From now on when Sequenchel starts the splash screen will close automatically and your license name will appear on the main screen of Seqeunchel.

A commercial license is valid for 1 year after purchase and needs to be renewed. The license number, however, does not expire and Sequenchel will continue to functional normally. 

Sequenchel is free for personal use, but if you want to get rid of the splash screen and want your own personal name on the main screen, you can buy a personal license for a one-time fee. This license will not expire. If your license doesn’t work in a new version of Sequenchel, you can request a new license for free