Report Results

When you run your report, the results are shown on the Report Results tab.

The List Count displays how many rows were retrieved for your report.

If no errors occur the status label displays “Command completed successfully”. If an error occurs the error will be displayed here as well as in the log.

The query display shows the query that was used to build the report. You can manually edit this query and execute it again. The option to edit the query can be disabled in the security settings.

If an error occurs you can copy this query and send it to your administrator for review.

“Execute Query” will (re)execute the current query shown in the query display.

“Save Query to File” will save the current query to a file.

“Load Query from File” will load an earlier saved query from file and display it in the Query Display. If query editing is disabled in the security settings, this button will be disabled as well.

“Export Results to File” will export the result from the query to a file.

In the lower right corner the time needed to create the report will be displayed in HH:mm:ss.xx where xx is hundreds of seconds.

Double Click on the upper left corner of the report to resize all columns to fit the data in the report. If there is a lot of data in the report, this will take a lot of time.