Making plans is easy, making them come true is a lot harder. It helps to write down your goals. These are not promises, just wishes.

Next release:

  • Improve status messages and their visibility. (partially implemented)


  • SmartUpdate: A procedure that can automatically collect data for building a basic data warehouse. Datawarehousing for (SQL) Dummies!! (Implemented in version 3.6)

Future Wishes: 

  • For every procedure a fixed number of properties are reported. We would like to make this flexible so every customer can choose what properties are reported when they change. This does mean rewriting all procedures so it may take some time. 
  • Add lots of logging to Sequenchel so you can see what went wrong, when, where and why.
  • Add the possibility to execute a custom query against all linked servers.
  • Add the option to remove filters from a report definition.
  • Add a diagram option to graphically show relations between tables as defined in Sequenchel.